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Why my translation services?

Low-quality text makes a client think that your service is unprofessional. A translation is of high quality if it does not sound like a translation from a foreign language. I offer you specialised texts without the need of other corrections because I prepare thoroughly for every project, moreover, I have several years’ experience with translation in the fields of medicine, medical devices and marketing.

Thanks to the knowledge of source and target languages and stylistics, you will get a well-readable text with correct terminology. I am able to choose a suitable strategy even for difficult text passages and thus create a translation which is appropriate for your target audience. The text will always be ready in time and your plans will not get disrupted.

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If you need certified translation, I will be happy to recommend you my colleagues – sworn translators.

I want to know more about translation

Translation is a written transfer from a source language to a target language, interpreting is an oral transfer.

Source text is an original text assigned for translation/uttered by a speaker. Target text is a translation or interpreting created by a translator/interpreter.

Most often by standard pages. Other options include by number of words or by author’s sheets.

A standard page is defined as 1,800 characters including spaces. It is calculated in a modifiable text format (.doc/.docx) by clicking down left on “Word count”, finding “Characters (with spaces)” and dividing it by 1,800. In other text formats, the number of standard pages can only be estimated until the text is converted to a modifiable format or calculated from the target text.

An author’s sheet equals 20 standard pages. This type of calculation is most often used with literary texts, in publishing houses.

It depends to a large extent on the difficulty and length of the text and the workload of the translator. In case of express translation, you can get your text in 24 hours (again, depending on the length – 20 pages require more time, 1 page can be ready in a few hours).

Computer Assisted Translation (= CAT) tool is a translation software thanks to which every segment of a translated text is stored in Translation Memory and appears in future assignments with the same or similar segments. It is very convenient with technical texts, laws, structured texts and texts with repeated parts in general (headlines, formulations, etc.). Another advantage of this software is the possibility to use prepared glossaries. The most widely used CAT tools are MemoQ, SDL Trados Studio, Wordfast, MemSource, Transit or DéjàVu. My offer includes translations made in MemoQ, Lingobit Localizer and SDL Trados programmes.

Glossary is a multilingual vocabulary of terms from a specific field. For example, translator can use a glossary with technical terms when translating this type of text.


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